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Back to Bamburgh


Kingdom Trilogy part one, historical fiction, theological thriller


England, France, Germany, Switzerland


1344 - 1346


coming ... Olympia Publishers, 2023

Coming soon ...
This is Geoffrey Le Lancier's first novel, set in the 14th century, telling the story of an unlikely handful of Northumbrians on a quest for something great. For some it's personal, for others spiritual, for a few just political. In their possession the mysterious relic of the staff of Christ, they journey from the northern reaches of England to the towering heights of Helvetia and back to Bamburgh, in their sights no less than the kingdom of God. But such a goal attracts all manner of adversaries from Europe's troubled lands, keen to lay hands on that panacea, the staff of Christ. But who will succeed in grasping its power? The elusive relic remains a step ahead of its pursuers, and a step ahead of this chronicle. This is a theological thriller, no less. And a sequel looks likely ...

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